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For Political Campaigns

For Political Campaigns

Voter Contact Done Right

We specialize in delivering messages to voters, and we’ve been around campaign communications since 1994. We will help you determine when you need live advocacy rather than an automated call, when you need digital video rather than digital display ads, and when to do voter ID or a full scientifically weighted survey. Our job is to curate your campaign’s or committee’s contact with target voters to move the needle in your direction.


From live advocacy and voter ID to telephone town halls and text messaging, our telephone services are built to accomplish your voter contact goals using all available telecommunications tools.

Visit our “Telephone Services” page to learn more, or contact us to discuss how we can build a plan for you.


Our digital targeting technology is second-to-none, and allows us to use the voter file in ways you didn’t think you could to reach voters on all their devices. We can target your digital ads on a household level, and deliver your video assets to the largest inventory of non-skippable pre-roll in the country. Our paid search program will allow your candidate or issue to be found by the voters who are looking for them, and our retargeting ads will be a constant reminder to visitors on your site. We will target your social media buy as tight as today’s platforms allow, using the voter file to reach your relevant audience.

Visit our “Digital Services” page to learn more, or contact us to request a voter contact plan.


Success Stories

Ring has helped campaigns and committees bring laser focus to their voter contact efforts across the country, and our success stories bear that out. We’ve worked with presidential campaigns all the way down to school board races, with campaigns directly, and with outside efforts. We’ve influenced legislation with our live and automated patch-through calls and targeted digital ads in several states and in Congress. Click below for some hard-data case studies from our work in previous elections, and if you’d like to talk about other work we’ve done, just drop us a line on our contact page!

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    We’re a firm who believes you should never waste money reaching your target audiences. We believe you should always know who your audience is. And we believe you should reach your audience when they feel most receptive to your message.

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