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Case Studies

Case Studies

Michigan State House GOP Primary: Come-from-Behind Victory

In a 2016 Republican primary election for state representative in Michigan, Ring worked with a Michigan-based IE to promote the election of a candidate who was polling third of three candidates, behind a local celebrity, and another candidate. The IE didn’t have a lot of money to spend, so its only avenues of voter contact were Ring digital’s display advertising and 4 automated phone calls.

Case Studies from Ring Digital’s Work in 2017 Political Campaigns

From boosting turnout to changing voters minds, Ring Digital employed ground-breaking technology and experienced strategy in order to pull out several important election victories in 2017. Check out how our digital efforts made a real difference among targeted voters.

Commercial Success Case Studies

From tailored fitness studios to automotive dealerships, Ring’s targeted approaches have reignited cold relationships for our clients, and generated new ones.

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