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For Marketers

For Marketers

Better Ad Buys

If you’re familiar with online advertising, you know transparency is tough to come by. “Spray and pray” has been the usual approach to digital display advertising, and it has been almost impossible to determine what is working. Henry Ford said he knew half of his marketing budget was wasted—he just didn’t know which half. Not a lot has changed today—companies will hire other companies to figure out what half of their budget is working (“attribution”), and the conclusion has been less straightforward than marketers had hoped. The answer: “all of the above.” You need to do everything to be an effective digital marketer: Seeking after new clients with highly targeted digital display ads; convincing higher-ranked customers with highly targeted video placement; Paid Search so people can find you; have a great web presence so people will engage with your content; retargeting ads to remind people about you once they’ve visited your site.

Increase ad conversions

Want to increase your ad buys performance?

We buy and place digital display and pre-roll video advertisements with the most effective means available today: IP-targeting and device ID. Right now, the vast majority of digital marketers use cookies to target their digital display ads and pre-roll video. But Google has said that 56% of all web traffic is “NHT” (Non-Human Traffic) or bots, meaning that over half of your cookie-based ad spend is wasted. The other half of your ad spend may be in front of the wrong people—just visit a cookie auditing website and see if the cookies on your devices even remotely resemble the person you are.

We use hard data—names, addresses, house values, education levels, geofences, and hundreds of other commercially available data points—to target your ads correctly. We then deliver your message to audiences in a way that psychologists have proven is effective for building your brand: digital display advertising.

Our methods have proven to be very helpful to our clients who need to be in front of real people, making real connections, and not wasting money on bots or poor targeting.

Success Stories

From auto dealerships and fitness studios to roofing companies and barbershops, clients have seen great ROI from Ring’s digital display advertising. If you’d like to see some specific case studies, click below and we’ll send them to you.

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We’re a firm who believes you should never waste money reaching your target audiences. We believe you should always know who your audience is. And we believe you should reach your audience when they feel most receptive to your message.