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Telephone Services

Telephone Services

Automated Calling

Ring uses the most advanced automated calling technology to provide reliable message delivery to household landlines. When you need to get a quick message or reminder out to the landlines of your target audience, automated calling gets your message delivered while saving time and money.

Live Professional Calling

Reaching audiences on their mobile phones doesn’t have to be difficult. Our professional callers are among the best in the industry, and will deliver your message and gather your data effectively, while building your brand with your mobile audience.

Patch-Through Services

One of the most effective and efficient constituent mobilization methods, patch-through calls allow us to make contact with target constituents and connect them directly with their legislators or representatives after a brief informative message about a specific issue. Mobilizing constituents before a key vote on an important piece of legislation is an excellent way to advance your legislative agenda.

Voter Identification and Targeting

Live and automated Voter ID calls are short surveys by which we can identify where the members of a list stand on your candidate or issue so you can follow up with them to get them to the polls or persuade them. Voter ID is a staple of political campaigns as an excellent and affordable data gathering tool.

Data Modeling

In conjunction with Voter ID, we gather a large sample of responses to a ballot test or issue question, and then use sophisticated statistical modeling software to determine what affects the electorate on your key issue or candidate. Once a model is built, we produce a probability score from 0-100 for each issue or ballot test you need to know, for each individual voter in your target universe. This allows a campaign or committee to be as efficient as possible with its message delivery.

Telephone Town Halls

One of the highest quality interactions an elected official or public figure can have with their constituents is to talk with them. Fielding questions directly from constituents over the phone or with a live video event allows an elected official or public figure to communicate their agenda and to hear from and connect with their audience without the hassle of having to organize an in-person event.

Live Text Messaging

Text messaging has become one of today’s best ways to communicate with our friends or contacts. Its non-intrusive nature makes it great for appointment confirmations, reminders to vote, and short informative messages. Our live text messaging agents allow us to comply with the strict legal requirements surrounding texting, while building your brand among your target audience.

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    We’re a firm who believes you should never waste money reaching your target audiences. We believe you should always know who your audience is. And we believe you should reach your audience when they feel most receptive to your message.

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