RING is a forward-thinking advocacy, communications, and marketing firm founded on the ideal that you deserve messaging expertise and real targeting – not simply another vendor who will fire off messages blindly into the void. We empower our clients with the best in predictive analytics in order to combine the best data with powerful message delivery tools and decades of experience. The combination of these tools produces precision communications and marketing campaigns that exceed your expectations – and your competition as well.

What makes RING unique? The relationships we build with our clients. Many communications and marketing firms are no more than vendors selling widgets. But we believe the money you spend to target your audience should reach that audience with precision, delivering the right message at the right time using the right medium. We get involved, offer suggestions, work to save you money and time, and understand messaging like few other firms will. We will add real insight and value to your organization – no matter how big or small.


Automated Calling

Quick, efficient and cost-effective delivery of your pre-recorded message to as many audience members as you can identify.

Live Calling

The very best in message delivery carried out by highly skilled callers who will adopt your mission with passion and precision; advancing your message with accuracy and care.

Patch-Through Calling

A powerful technology that connects your targets directly with influencers and their elected leaders; especially useful for those times when elected officials need to get off the fence!

Predictive Analytics

Innovative and powerful precision modeling tools designed to help your organization deliver specific messages to targeted segments of people.

Telephone Town Halls

One of the most powerful and personal comms tools available. Generates tons of helpful data, and leaves a strong, personal impression on your audience.

Voter Identification

Whether you’re enhancing your data modeling, or creating custom messaging groups, Voter ID is a powerful tool – especially in a tight race.


With the best reporting, the best service, and the easiest setup in the industry, you can ask any of our clients why they prefer Ring for their Telephone Town Hall needs.

Telephone Town Halls with Ring from Ring Limited on Vimeo.


With Ring’s micro-targeted digital ad buying technology, you’ll be several steps ahead of the competition. Unlike other firms, our tech avoids non-human traffic – we know exactly which households your ads will reach.

IP-Targeted Digital Marketing with Ring Digital from Ring Limited on Vimeo.


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